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4 Tips for Managing Expenses During Retirement

Posted by Elder Health Plans, August 19, 2016

You have been working hard to save for retirement, and it is finally time to enjoy the golden years of your life.  However, there is one big question that often lingers in the minds of retired individuals: will my money last for the rest of my lifetime?

Saving for retirement is important, and it is also essential that you work to reduce monthly payments and expenses during this time of your life. Here are a few things that you can do to minimize the bills that need to be paid during retirement:

Use a Snowball Technique to Eliminate Debt

Debt payments can add up, especially if you are only paying the minimum amounts on each credit card or loan. Before you retire, make a focused effort to pay off debt as quickly as possible. Consider using a debt snowball strategy to pay off the lower balances, and then roll those monthly payments into the bigger balances. By paying off your debt, you can reduce the monthly payments that need to be made.

Compare Needs vs. Wants

If you spend your retirement money too quickly, then you might end up in a situation where there is no money left for your living expenses. Take a close look at the money that you are spending to determine the essential costs. Go through your spending one item at a time, and eliminate anything that falls within the “wants” category instead of the “needs” category.

Look for ways that you can make adjustments to save a little money here and there. For example, you might choose a closer vacation destination to save money on travel expenses.

Stay Current with Your Payments

Some seniors mistakenly think that they don’t need to stay current with debt payments because they are in the later years of their life. Remember that these debts don’t go away after you are gone. The debts are passed onto your family. So, it is best to stay current with the payments to avoid excessive late fees and interest costs.

Have a Good Insurance Plan

High quality insurance is essential to help you manage medical costs throughout retirement. Talk with us for more information about the right retirement insurance coverage that will match your needs.

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