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8 Ways for Seniors to Travel Smarter and Safer!

Posted by Elder Health Plans, June 12, 2018

Your retirement years are the perfect time to see the world. Not only are you free from a job schedule and a desk; you’ve also accumulated enough life experience to truly appreciate all that you learn as you travel.

Of course, age brings some challenges as well. You’re not twenty years old, backpacking through Europe without a care in the world. You face a few challenges now, but don’t let it stop you from adventuring into the great unknown!

Be careful with the local food. Your stomach is probably more sensitive than it was when you were twenty. Be careful with very spicy food, or anything overly heavy or cheesy. Stick close to your regular diet, with some small indulgences here and there.

Think about your prescriptions. The last thing you want is to lose your medications, when you’re thousands of miles from home. Don’t place them in checked luggage, and keep them hidden away in your hotel room. Carry enough to last the entire trip, plus a couple of days in case of delayed flights. Also carry a list of your regular medications, in case you do need to replace them.

Don’t carry excessive luxury items with you. Remember that wearing expensive jewelry or carrying a lot of cash can make you a target for local thieves. This rule applies to other pricey items as well.

Communicate. Make sure your hotel concierge knows your plans for the day, and return at a scheduled time. Keep your cell phone charged and close at hand.

Wear the right shoes. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that accommodate plenty of walking. Following this rule can also prevent falls.

Stay hydrated. Most people walk more on vacation than they normally do. So carry a bottle of water with you, and sip on it regularly.

Stay safe in hotels. The “clean my room” signifies your absence to anyone who might be thinking about robbing you. You can just notify the front desk instead. Also remember to use the security chain when you’re in your hotel room, stay away from ground-floor rooms, and ask for a room near an elevator where foot traffic will be busier.

Have the right insurance. Before you leave, double check to see if your current health plan will cover you in other countries. If not, travel insurance can save you thousands of dollars, and buy you invaluable peace of mind.

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